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We are pleased to announce that Bloemhof Inc. is moving to a larger manufacturing facility.  Please click on our “NEWS” link (http://www.bloemhof.com/news.php)  for further details.

Bloemhof Inc. has long been committed to bringing you the highest quality bakery equipment at competitive prices.

We have been designing and manufacturing bakery equipment since 1960 and have an excellent reputation worldwide.

Our equipment is favoured by artisan bakers, small to intermediate wholesale, retail, franchise, in-store bakeries as well as restaurant and hotel operations.

Featured Products

POCO Moulder

We would like to introduce our latest addition, the POCO Countertop Moulder

Poco means small in Spanish but it can be a BIG benefit to your bakery!

The POCO is easy to use and very versatile to make a wide range of rolls and breads from ½ to 18 ounces at rates up to 3,600 pieces per hour. The POCO is ideal for moulding bolillos, tapered rolls, small pan loaves, demi-baguettes, hoagies, subs and hot-dog rolls.

Just drop in scaled dough pieces and let the POCO do the job for you.

The affordable price and labour savings mean more profits for your bakery!

860 Bread & Roll Moulder

Truly a Baker's Best Friend!

The best moulder on the market! Gentle spring loaded roller system will not tear dough. Up to 4,000 lbs./hr. capacity when used with a bread system. Use for moulding all types of breads and buns.

This compact design, with the pressure plate underneath the machine, returns the product to you making this unit a "one person" operation.

A new feature is adjustable curvature pressure plates. All plates that are 12" and wider can be adjusted from flat to concave or convex to control the amount of taper or eliminate it, formed in your products. The 860L is the wider version for pressure plates up to 20" wide.

Express 300S Multi-row Divider

Feed Directly from Your Multi-row Divider

The EXPRESS 300S has been specifically designed for high speed production and to help reduce labour costs. The unique design allows the machine to be fed directly from a single or multi pocket divider, up to 8 pockets and a capacity up to 12,000 pieces per hour. Dough pieces are sorted into two rows for efficient and versatile production.

Andre Tsalpatouros

Artisan Bakery Testimonial Video

Pierre Country Bakery's owner Andre Tsalpatouros speaks about the huge improvements to his artisan bakery only 3 weeks after receiving his Bloemhof 860L Bread & Roll Moulder. His rapidly growing bakery in Salt Lake City, Utah has seen a 600% increase in dough forming efficiency, higher quality and more consistent products for his 5 star hotel clients. Watch the video as he relates the multiple changes that he is making to his bakery and how he is improving the working conditions for his staff.

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