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Jan Bloemhof and his young family emigrated from the Netherlands in 1952 and worked towards building a manufacturing company soon after arriving in Canada. In 1962 he produced his first piece of bakery equipment from his garage and began producing bread moulders on a small scale in 1963.

Following graduation from Industrial Engineering Technology, Bert Bloemhof joined forces with his father in 1972 to begin production of various pieces of equipment including bread and roll moulders and airbaggers. In 1975 the company moved to larger premises and then tripled in size in 1980 by expanding the facilities. In spite of the severe recession in the early 1980’s, Bloemhof Inc. survived by adding to their product line, with machines such as the Simplex 4-24 sheeter/moulder, PR14 bench sheeter and PR24 pizza roller. At the same time, the company began exporting machines to the United States and other countries.

With the passing of Jan Bloemhof in 1990, Bert Bloemhof became President of the company. Bert continued the operation with a view of future expansion which included the acquisition of adjacent land. Exports grew to other countries in the world including Russia and Australia and new designs including the “Bolillo Moulder”, for the growing Hispanic market were added.

Eric Baumgartner worked during his school years with the company. Following graduation from the Mechanical Engineering Technology program, Eric worked full time at Bloemhof Inc., designing new equipment, improving production methods and simplifying machine designs. In 1999, Eric became a partner and the Vice President of Bloemhof Inc. Due to innovation and being cognizant of the baking industry requirements, an impressive variety of equipment is being produced at Bloemhof Inc., utilizing the latest in computerized design hardware and related technologies. Machines produced include Artisan, Bolillo, bread and roll moulders, sheeter/moulders, high speed bun lines, pick-up conveyors, a Boule moulder, production sheeters, production moulders, pizza rollers, bench sheeters, flour dusters and airbaggers.

In 2007, the company moved to larger premises and again expanded its product line and export markets.

Bert Bloemhof’s well deserved retirement on February 23, 2012, Eric Baumgartner became President and Bloemhof, Inc. moved their office to Kirkland, Quebec where we manage the dealer network and coordinate sales.

From small beginnings to rapid growth since 1962, Bloemhof Inc. has been a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of bakery and restaurant equipment. Bloemhof equipment is used by small to large wholesale operations, Artisan bakers, retail, franchises and in-store bakeries as well as restaurants, various institutions and hotels.

For more than 50 years, Bloemhof Inc. has been listening to bakers needs and has developed dough friendly moulder technology. Our low stress moulders handle the most difficult dough with up to 15% protein flour as well as traditional artisan breads. The resulting products have superior oven jump and a seamless finish. From finger rolls to specialty and French breads, our versatile machines will speed up production, reduce labour costs and increase the consistency of your product.

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