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All models are designed to make bolillos, telleras, and other tapered roll products.

bolillo pronounced (bow-LEE-yoh), n. A Mexican tapered roll, made with a basic dough that is very similar to a French baguette dough. The bread has a crispy, flavorful crust and a soft, chewy crumb that is served with entrees and used for sandwiches. . The dough is usually formed into a tapered, American football shaped roll without score from end to end. Occasionally, the dough is scored to create three sections along the length of the football shape, in which case the bolillo is known as a telera.

These models are also designed to make a wide variety of breads, challah, baguettes and other products.

SIMPLEX B Series Conveyor Moulders
SIMPLEX B Series Conveyor Moulders
Ideal for Soft Pretzels, Baguettes, Rolls & more!

The Simplex B Series Conveyor Moulder are our most customized moulders with different belt widths and lengths, single and multi-row production, flour dusters, drop down tables, stainless steel frames etc. You can feed directly from a multi-row divider/rounder onto the 18” to 38” wide moulding belt and form bolillos, hotdogs, hoagies, finger rolls and more! You can also feed from another moulder to stretch artisan breads, baguettes, soft pretzels and challah.

Customize to your specific needs with the Stand B version, the shorter XS and longer XL versions. The variable speed option allows bakers to slow down the moulding for gentler processing and to obtain maximum product extension. The units can be adjusted in height from 30” to 42” and can be angled to suit the application with casters or floor pads. Catch trays or Pick-up conveyors are available.




Making bolillos (Mexican tapered rolls) is easy with the Simplex 4-24 BL2 Sheeter/Moulder. Simply load scaled dough pieces into the drop tubes and the moulder forms them into finished rolls The moulder drops the finished bolillos onto the catch tray and are then panned and proofed before baking.

The 4-24BL2 can be run by one person, but with two working together (one loading and one unloading) is very efficient. Two bakers can produce more bolillos than five making them by hand.
Traditional bolillos are more pleasing to the eye when they are a consistent shape.

These bolillos where panned with the pointed ends overlapped and are torn apart after baking
At another bakery the preference is to pan each separately. Hand made hoagie rolls can be a lot of work because of the large demands of your wholesale accounts.

Using the 860 Bread & Roll Moulder, seamless perfection make these a sure seller.

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