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Bloemhof's specialty is dough friendly moulder technology with the patented spring loaded roller system and fully adjustable side guides. These low stress moulders handle the most difficult dough with up to 15% protein flour as well as traditional artisan breads.

The resulting products have superior oven jump and a seamless finish. From finger rolls to specialty and French breads, our versatile machines will speed up production, reduce labour costs and increase the quality of your product.

SIMPLEX B Series Conveyor Moulders
SIMPLEX B Series Conveyor Moulders
Ideal for Soft Pretzels, Baguettes, Rolls & more!

The Simplex B Series Conveyor Moulder are our most customized moulders with different belt widths and lengths, single and multi-row production, flour dusters, drop down tables, stainless steel frames etc. You can feed directly from a multi-row divider/rounder onto the 18” to 38” wide moulding belt and form bolillos, hotdogs, hoagies, finger rolls and more! You can also feed from another moulder to stretch artisan breads, baguettes, soft pretzels and challah.

Customize to your specific needs with the Stand B version, the shorter XS and longer XL versions. The variable speed option allows bakers to slow down the moulding for gentler processing and to obtain maximum product extension. The units can be adjusted in height from 30” to 42” and can be angled to suit the application with casters or floor pads. Catch trays or Pick-up conveyors are available.



Moulded Results

See a variety of finished dough pieces as they come from our line of dough friendly moulders. From the smallest 15 gram (1/2oz) hors d'oeuvres finger roll to monster 3.6kg (8lb.) deli-loaf, you can expect quality results made with Bloemhof Moulders.

500 gram (18oz) whole wheat breads being moulded at 40 pieces per minute. Notice the consistent size and seamless finish. Model: 860 Bread & Roll Moulder

The spring loaded roller system prevents the raisins from being crushed on these 500 gram (18oz) whole wheat raisin breads. Model: 860 Bread & Roll Moulder

1050 gram (37oz) breads being moulded using a 9" wide x 56" long flat plate. These loaves are ready for the pan and final proofing.
Model: EXPRESS 220 Bread & Roll Moulder.

These batards are formed using a custom curved plate that is 9" wide x 56" long. The rounded ends formed to match the baker's previously hand formed style. These batards were made by a novice.
Model: EXPRESS 1060 Bread & Roll Moulder.

These Hero's are made using the same 9" wide flat plate and 225 gram (8oz) of dough. The labor savings on smaller items is important in a competitive business.
Model: EXPRESS 220 Bread & Roll Moulder.

Pretzel strings are stretched to 32" long at 2400 pieces per hour. Operated under an overhead proofer the EXPRESS 1060 moulds the 150 gram (5.5oz) pieces to 20" long and the Simplex 36B-XL finishes them to the final length.
Models: EXPRESS 1060 Bread & Roll Moulder & Simplex 36B-XL Conveyor Moulder

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