Grand Rapids, Michigan and Kirkland, Quebec – April 28, 2016

Effective immediately, Oliver Packaging & Equipment Company (Grand Rapids MI) and Bloemhof Inc. (Kirkland Quebec) are pleased to announce that the companies have entered into an exclusive manufacturing license agreement. Under this agreement, Oliver will become the sole manufacturer and distributor of Bloemhof’s complete bakery equipment product line world-wide.

Drawing on the strengths of each organization, this synergistic relationship creates the catalyst for supplying the market with proven equipment design, expertise in manufacturing, and quality service. As the licensed manufacturer of Bloemhof equipment, Oliver provides capacity for the growing demand of Bloemhof equipment as well as expanding its own presence in the bakery equipment marketplace.

"The worldwide shortage of bakers has resulted in challenges to find and afford skilled labor. Current economic growth combined with people eating healthier, and the expansion of more artisan, wholesale and supermarket bakery operations, have fueled the demand for both Oliver and Bloemhof equipment in bakeries across North America. Collectively, Oliver and Bloemhof will maintain the high manufacturing and quality standards to which customers have become accustomed.” said Eric Baumgartner, President of Bloemhof Inc. “Both companies share the same vision, have comparable products in their respective bakery equipment categories, and similar manufacturing methods which will broaden Oliver’s market reach".

"This is an exciting step towards the future – representing a win-win for employees, dealers and customers of both companies. Bringing these great teams together will accelerate Oliver’s market share and strengthen the overall opportunities for both brands,” says Kenneth Goodwin, Oliver President. “In addition to innovations and strength in dough moulder technology; Bloemhof brings proven designs and talent to Oliver that will result in increased overall sales and economies of scale to the marketing and distribution channels. We are pleased to be bringing Bloemhof’s products and assets into our Oliver family and to provide greater market access."

Andre Tsalpatouros

Artisan Bakery Testimonial Video

Pierre Country Bakery's owner Andre Tsalpatouros speaks about the huge improvements to his artisan bakery only 3 weeks after receiving his Bloemhof 860L Bread & Roll Moulder. His rapidly growing bakery in Salt Lake City, Utah has seen a 600% increase in dough forming efficiency, higher quality and more consistent products for his 5 star hotel clients. Watch the video as he relates the multiple changes that he is making to his bakery and how he is improving the working conditions for his staff.

“Where are all the bakers?”

Key issues that many bakers face today Time, cost, staff, training

The number one issue that concerns bakers that we talk to from across the continent is their concern for the rising cost of labour and the inability to find qualified staff.  Helpful information for whether you have a small artisan bakery doing everything by hand or an intermediate wholesale bakery trying to maintain your competitive edge over an industrial sized bakery. 

It's especially frustrating when you have the opportunity to grow with a new account but cannot find the right equipment or staff to meet the demand. Your concerns are our concerns and we have come up with some cost effective solutions that not only increase your productivity but also meet your needs for quality and consistency.

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Now representing Dutchess Bakers’ Equipment in Canada

We are proud to announce that Bloemhof Inc. is now the Canada wide representatives for Dutchess Bakers’ Machinery. Dutchess and Bloemhof are two quality manufacturing companies with complimentary equipment lines.

Dutchess Bakers' Machinery Company has been manufacturing high-quality bakery equipment for the foodservice industry since 1886. Dutchess dough dividers, dough rounders, bun slicers, dough presses and dough rollers are the most respected & recognized name in the world for this kind of equipment. Dutchess brand equipment can produce a wide variety of products including Buns, Breads, Pizza, Tortillas, Cookies, Pies and much more. By implementing Dutchess equipment into foodservice operations, customers will be able to reduce labor, control quality while improving productivity and portion control. All Dutchess Models offer the highest degree of versatility, ease of operation and sanitation standards in the industry. In addition, we are so confident of the design, materials and manufacture of our equipment that we warranty every unit a full 2-years (parts & labor included).

As equipment designers, Bloemhof has admired the innovative design of their dividers with interchangeable dividing heads and the sanitary design features. Their BMIH series manual dough dividers are an excellent mate to Bloemhof’s POCO, Counter Top Moulder.

Bloemhof looks forward to another great year and hopes to see you at the IBIE show in Las Vegas.



Abbey’s success story

“I bought a Bloemhof 860-L back in November 2009.  It took me a while to learn how to use it, mostly because I can be pretty slow on the uptake, but I can now say that I'm pretty confident in understanding how to make good bread from it.  The key for me was to make the dough a little stronger and take it a little younger than I was when I was hand-shaping.  I've shaved a few hours off of my production time, and can clean up while I'm working, which is a huge benefit for me--when the baking's done, so am I!”

“I've put an album up of the breads I make on Facebook.  I still have a couple boules I make by hand, but all of the oblong loaves are run through the Bloemhof.  Here it is, if you want to check it out:”

“By the way--that was the first time I made baguettes with the Bloemhof.”


“Thank you so much for your wonderful machine, and your willingness to answer my questions, repeatedly when necessary!”  : )

Abbey Whetzel
Staff of Life Bread Co.

Product Announcement

We would like to introduce our latest addition, the POCO MOULDER Just drop in scaled dough pieces and let the POCO do the job for you. The affordable price and labour savings mean more profits for your bakery!

Bolillos & tapered rolls
White, multigrain and whole-wheat loaves
Demi-baguettes and rolls to 9”long (23 cm)
Subs and hot-dog rolls Hoagie and finger rolls
Gluten free rolls

Heavy duty construction
Compact counter top design
Low stress spring loaded dough rollers
Capacity ½ oz to 18 oz (15 gm – 500gm)
Up to 3,600, 8 ounce dough pieces per hour!
In-feed safety hopper with automatic shut-off

NEW!! Express 600 and Express 360
French Bread Moulder

The Bloemhof EXPRESS 600 Advanced French Bread Moulder has been developed to gently process a wide variety of dough types including long fermentation doughs with an integral resting conveyor. Unlike overhead proofer systems, the EXPRESS 600 can receive directly from a low stress divider, gently degas the dough and create a cylindrical preform instead of a rounded preform. The cylindrical perform is rested automatically up to 10 minutes and then finished to length on the finishing moulder for a consistent high quality seamless finish. The EXPRESS 600 is really three machines in one package!

For those bakers who need a high quality bread & roll moulder without the resting function or second moulding system, the Bloemhof EXPRESS 360 Universal French Bread Moulder has the same gentle features in a more compact format.

EXPRESS 300 High Speed Bun Line

The EXPRESS 300 has been specifically designed for high speed production and to help reduce labour costs. The unique design allows the machine to be fed directly from a single or multi pocket divider, up to 8 pockets and a capacity up to 12,000 pieces per hour. Dough pieces are sorted into two rows for efficient and versatile production.

Upgraded Features!

The EXPRESS 300 has been specifically designed for high speed production and to help reduce labour costs. The unique design allows the machine to be fed directly from a single or multi pocket divider, up to 8 pockets and a capacity up to 12,000 pieces per hour. Dough pieces are sorted into two rows for efficient and versatile production.

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