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Save time and money with Bloemhof sheeters. Sheeting dough by hand is a backbreaking job. Our line of sheeters will not only relieve the stress but also help you make a more consistent product, crusts with even thickness, fluffier pastry and lighter dumplings. Reduce labor and stretch your dough further for more economical production.

All Bloemhof sheeters feature a totally enclosed drive system for safe, reliable and sanitary operation. We do not compromise on quality because you don't either.

Simplex PR14 Bench Sheeter
Simplex PR14 Bench Sheeter
Save Time and Effort

The Simplex PR14 features 4" diameter rollers and a heavy duty all stainless steel construction for accurate sheeting. The Quick Change Index System instantly changes the gap between the dough rollers. Sheet all types of dough including cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, perogies, Danish and puff pastry up to 23" wide.

Sheeting is made easy with this compact, counter top design that is simple to use. Back strain is reduced since rolling pin work is minimized or eliminated.



Production Sheeting

These pictures show how the Simplex 328 Production Sheeter increased the efficiency of this busy wholesale bakery.

Loading 15 pound blocks of dough onto the in-feed belt, is made easier on the staff with the adjustable in-feed height. The dough is fed into the first of three sets of oversized sheeting rollers. Dough bunching is reduced by the use of independent speed controls After the first sheeting stage the dough is laid down using a waterfall transition. This reduces dough stress and can be controlled accurately to suit pastry, pizza or yeast raised dough.

The third and final sheeting stage has a very uniform thickness and density. The fourth belt speed control feeds the dough into the docking and cutting station.
By increasing the sheeting capability to 27" wide, more doughnuts can be cut with less waste or reruns. Dough weights are very consistent.

These bismarks have excellent volume after proofing and are ready to go into the fryer.

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