Our customers are our pride and joy. They are passionate about making bread and we are passionate about making bakery equipment that is simple and effective. Making every baker happy with their Bloemhof is our goal and we encourage every user to give us feedback, both positive and instructive to improve what we do.

Some comments from our customers...

“With regards to the 860L moulder that we currently use, I can say that it has become an essential piece of equipment in our production. Easy to use, versatile, very reliable and most important to me, respecting the integrity of our doughs that allows us to obtain products of very high quality.”

Didier Rosata,
Certified French Master Baker,
Vice President of Operations, Uptown Bakers

“The Bloemhof Express 1060 has been a great addition to our bakery. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and maintenance free. Best of all, I love its versatility; it can handle a variety of dough types, weights, and lengths. The interchangeable plates give us maximum flexibility with one machine. We have run thousands of pieces of dough through this machine in the short time we have had it and continue to find new uses for it. Plus, the Bloemhof team is a pleasure to work with whenever we need anything.”

Jeffrey Yankellow,
Head Baker, Simply Bread, Coupe Du Monde
de la Boulangerie Winner

"Awesome, awesome machine! You won't be disappointed. We bought ours at the Las Vegas show and have never looked back.”

Jory Downer, CMB
Champion du Monde de la Boulangerie,
Bennison's Bakery

"Bloemhof’s baguette molder is impressive. We too preform with it and now get a better distribution of large open cells thru out the entire length of the baguette than we could consistently trust six bak-ers to achieve...
Very impressive with the spring loaded rollers they have on all their moulders.”

Ben Davis,
Grand Central Bakery

“I am a firm believer that quality products and automa-tion are not mutually exclusive.
We owe it to ourselves, our employees, our customers to adapt and improve our practices, expand our knowledge of baking and prevent unnecessary repeti-tive motion injuries. I use our moulder on at least 8 different products with excellent results and it doesn’t abuse the dough at all. I love my machines!

I strive to maintain and improve quality every day as well. And I am making more money because of it, and the average wage at our bakery has increased just the same.”

Brandon Siewert,
Tin Roof Bakery


“The main issue for growing artisan bakeries, you face a real problem respecting the resting and proofing times because you need to push the product faster to deliver on time. Now with the 860L we have time to rest and to let the flavor develop because it won’t take 3 hours to shape the bread, it only takes 20 minutes ”

Andre Tsalpatouros, Pierre County Bakery

“The Express 300 is a well built machine, easy to oper-ate and to clean. I was able to cut my labor by 4 people. Bloemhof stands by their equipment and I have ex-cellent communication with them. The machine gives us a good quality finished product. Overall, I am satisfied with this equipment and should have bought it a long time ago.”

Arnaud Couraud, Metropolitain Baking Co

“I have seen and worked with lots of moulders, De Rid-der, Van Dijk, Benier, Haton, W.P. and Kalmeier. The ones with finger rollers, 3 and 4 rollers, one and 2 step plates. All moulders with lots of bulk and steel but none of them has the intelligent spring-loaded roller of my ‘Bloemhof 860’. This feature is durable and gentle at the same time.”

Aad Ahsmann, Lakeside Bakery

“My wrists were so sore from hand moulding 300 loaves for the Farmer’s Market, that I almost gave up baking. I bought a Bloemhof 860L moulder and I've shaved a few hours off of my production time, and can clean up while I'm work-ing, which is a huge benefit for me - when the baking's done, so am I!”

Abbey Whetzel,
Staff of Life Bread

“We are thrilled with the Express 1060 moulder. The bakers are ecstatic -- what took 5 people 25 minutes to form and tray now takes two people 7-10 minutes. Our loaves are coming out beautifully and more uniform.

The buyer from Sam's Club was here last week to "check it out". She wants to offer us more products to produce for her.”

Mark Magdule
New York Deli & Bagel
Mexico City, Mexico

“We had another machine from France, it was expensive. We rebuilt the machine 3 times in 6 years, bearings, chains, the works.
The 860L is a great machine. We are thrilled with it.”

Daniel Leader, Baker, Author, Instructor, Bread Alone

“In the past, our moulding process required 5 bakers forming 1300 loaves of bread by hand. This labor-intense process took as much as 4 hours during normal production runs and as much as 5 hours on high vol-ume production runs.
Since we have implemented the 860L, we can accom-plish even the highest volume of bread moulding in less than 2 hours and with only the labor utilization of 2 bakers. This efficient labor utilization saves our opera-tion time, money and improves overall product con-sistency.

It is with utmost confidence that we can recommend the 860L Bread & Roll Moulder for any user wishing to im-prove their overall baking operation.”

Charles Weible, Manager,
Commissary Operations, Paradise Bakery & Café

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