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Simplex 4-24 BL2 and POCO Countertop Moulder

Making bolillos in Mexico City. Example of a service technician’s product on the left and a professional baker on the right Bloemhof moulded bolillos on left at 55/minute, handmade bolillos on right at 21/minute

Bloemhof POCO Countertop Bread & Roll Moulder

Make 3,600 bolillos per hour! ¡Hasta 3.600 bolillos por hora! The POCO MOULDER has been designed for busy bakeries to help reduce labour costs.

860 & 860L Bread & Roll Moulders for Artisan, Wholesale and Retail Bakers

This moulder is designed for high protein flour and long fermentation doughs for artisan breads. Used by many of the finest bakers in the country for moulding all types of breads, baguettes & rolls from ½ ounce up to over 5 lbs.

860 & 860L Artisan Bread & Roll Moulders

Truly a Baker's Best Friend! The BLOEMHOF 860/860L Gentle spring loaded roller system will not tear dough. This moulder is designed for high protein flour and long fermentation doughs for artisan breads.

860L Testimonial Pierre Country Bakery Sept 2013

Video testimonial and discussion about Pierre Country Bakery improving the quality and efficiency of their workbench bread production by 600%!

Bloemhof Express 220 and Express 1060 Bread & Roll Moulders

These moulders handle the most difficult doughs with up to 15% protein flour as well as traditional and long fermentation doughs for artisan breads. The resulting products have superior oven jump and a seamless finish. 

Bloemhof Express 1260 Bread & Roll Moulder

The BLOEMHOF EXPRESS 1260 offers you dough friendly moulders with the patented spring loaded roller system and fully adjustable side guides. The EXPRESS 1260 has two sets of oversized rollers for positive feeding and extra gentle sheeting.

Metropolitain Bakery Bloemhof Express 300 High Speed Moulder

The EXPRESS 300 has been specifically designed for high speed production and to help reduce labour costs. The unique design allows the machine to be fed directly from a single or multi pocket divider, up to 8 pockets and a capacity up to 12,000 pieces per hour.

Express 600 Moulder

The Bloemhof EXPRESS 600 Advanced French Bread Moulder has been developed to gently process a wide variety of dough types including long fermentation doughs with an integral resting conveyor.

Bloemhof BM 42 Boule Moulder

The BM-42 Boule Moulder is the next generation of rounders that offers the artisan baker the ultimate in quality rounding with the versatility to produce the exact quality and consistency they demand.

Simplex 4 24 Sheeter Moulder Sept 2013

Simplex 4-24 Sheeter/moulder making hot dog rolls and breads in a busy supermarket in-store bakery.

Bloemhof Simplex 4-24 Sheeter-Moulder 2013 IBIE video

The Simplex 4-24 gives you the best of sheeting & moulding. This combination machine is ideal for the busy retail or in-store bakery.

Bloemhof Mini Vert Airbagger Sept 2013

Mini-Vert Airbagger is the perfect slicer companion and mounts easily to your slicer. The vertical design prevents bread slices from shifting and the patented wings eliminate bag tearing.

Bloemhof Mini-Vert Airbagger

Demonstration video on how to load bag packs onto the Mini-Vert and the 5 easy steps to bag sliced bread

Bloemhof Super 12 Airbagger

Cut your bagging costs in half and finish three times faster than manual bagging!

Bloemhof Simplex PR 20 Pizza Sheeter

Pizza and pie shells are made easily with this compact, heavy duty, counter top sheeter.

Bloemhof Bakery Equipment 2013 IBIE Show Presentation

Bloemhof Inc. was proud to welcome to bakers from all over the World to the 2013 International Baking Industry Exposition in Las Vegas in October. On display and with live demonstration we showed the latest in dough technology with our gentle bread & roll moulders for high quality bakeries.

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